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John Fish

John Fish

Los Angeles, CA


The universe is mostly empty of matter, yet full of energy. I think that the human condition is an attempt to make sense and out of the emptiness. The failure to do so results in a mystery and beauty that is both poetic and spiritual. I try to depict the fullness and depth of this "empty" space with rich textures, vibrant movement and flowing color in paint.

Stark, bold, surreal landscapes of southwestern U.S. influence my work. I use the elements of nature without form that is constantly changing and evolving to express my emotions without the boundaries of form except as an iconic element. I capture the essence of these landscapes and use the textures, color and fluidity to express my emotions.

The reason I like to paint non-objective art is that I am creating a new moment in time while also knowing that my past thoughts and experiences influence the way I depict reality, energy and emotions.

I often combine my own photography and paintings in digital compositions displaying the texture and brushstrokes of acrylic paintings along with a photographic image to create graphics.

John Fish is a graduate of Arizona State University where he majored in commercial art and minored in psychology. He studied creative writing and counseling at Los Angeles City College and art at The School of Visual Arts in NYC. He has designed numerous books and dust jackets including “God in the Midst of the City” for Johnny Appleseed Publishing. Fish has worked as Art Director and Graphic Designer for publishing firms and newspapers in New York City and Los Angeles. He is a painter and writer. His art has been used to illustrate theater posters, game boxes, apparel, greeting cards, magazines and history books. John lives in Los Angeles with two cats.

Exhibited works at Groundworks Cafe, 108 West 2nd St.,.Los Angeles, Ca at 2nd Street and Main in Downtown L.A. Gallery Row. (213) 620-9668
Recently and current shows: Lansdale Station Gallery, 1509 San Anselmo Ave., San Anselmo, CA 94960 (415) 723-8275; CafeMode, Shojin, 333 S. Alameda #310, Los Angeles, CA 90013; Open Call L.A. 2009, and 2011, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Barnsdale Park, 4800 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027 (323) 644-6269
Preview "The Light at the Center of the Tunnel" a book of writing and art at


Happy Sappy Slogan Word Wall Art Sign by John Fish


I'm a Very Abstract Cat by John Fish


City of Light? City of Night? by John Fish


You Can You Can by John Fish


Yes You Can by John Fish


You Can Do It by John Fish


Pastel City Textures by John Fish


Misty City Textures by John Fish


Bright City Textures by John Fish


City Textures Windows by John Fish


City Textures Theater by John Fish


Ruby Vintage Urban Textures by John Fish


Vintage City Textures by John Fish


Blue City Textures by John Fish


Sunny City Textures by John Fish


Downtown City Textures by John Fish


Dark Urban Textures by John Fish


Organic City Textures by John Fish


Hot City Textures by John Fish


Cool City Textures by John Fish


City Textures Rainbow Art by John Fish


Blue Broadway Urban Textures by John Fish


Rust Urban Textures by John Fish


Urban Textures Blue Broadway by John Fish


We Are Never Alone by John Fish


Start to Be Great by John Fish


Traditional Celtic Blessing by John Fish


Downtown Old and New by John Fish


In a Winter Urban Park by John Fish


Tower Theater S. Broadway by John Fish


Tower Theater by John Fish


Bay Window by John Fish


City on the Bay by John Fish


Abstract Circular Motions by John Fish


Strength in Nature by John Fish


Nature Rocks Desert Landscape by John Fish


Main Street Los Angeles by John Fish


Hanging Garden Floral by John Fish


City Fish Market by John Fish


Seattle Public Market in Rain by John Fish


Bare Branch Fantasy Winter Forest by John Fish


Winter Scene by John Fish


City Skyline Abstract Scene by John Fish


Newport Harbor at Sunset by John Fish


Near Noon by John Fish


One Way Street by John Fish


Street Corner Pedestrians by John Fish


Building Boom by John Fish